During the initial consultation, we discuss your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, family history, medical history and any other relevant information including your own expectations of treatment. This initial session, which includes a diagnosis and some very simple physical tests (such as checking your blood pressure and left/right balance) usually takes 1.5 hours.

Diagnosis also continues through each subsequent treatment (lasting between 45 minutes to 1 hour) and depending on your symptoms, are recommended to be weekly at first and becoming less frequent over time.

The needles that I use are silicon coated needles and are all disposed of after treatment. I use the finest possible gauge (often thinner than a human hair) in order to make needling as comfortable as possible.

Needles are gently inserted, often with minimal awareness, and sometimes remain in for a short while and other times are inserted, lightly turned and then removed.

In order to prepare each acupuncture point on the body I often use a dried herb – called moxa (a Japanese mugwort), which is lit prior to needling to gently warm the point. This is painless and indeed many people have said that they find it a very relaxing part of treatment.

It is advisable not to eat for two hours prior to treatment and to refrain from alcohol on the day of treatment.

Please bring medication details with you (if applicable) as these are important for me to be aware of.

Costs of Treatment:

Treatment 1: Traditional Diagnosis £65.00 (this session lasts up to 1.5 hours) allowing me time to run through your medical history, understanding your reasons for wishing to have treatment, as well as completing some very simple physical checks, including taking your blood pressure, recording your pulses, checking your balance, temperature etc. and finally undertaking a treatment with needles.

Treatments thereafter: £45.00 (these sessions last between 45 minutes and one hour) and are recommended to take place weekly for the first 4 weeks after which we review together how treatment is progressing and consider the frequency and timing of treatments going forward.

I accept payment by cheque, or bank transfer. Please note I do not accept card payments.